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The Case For Developer Platforms | TechCrunch

deegr.com : find others like you

On network monitoring. Measure your downtime.

DataSift | Data On Demand

Information Arbitrage - Winning the talent war

Highrise: Small Business CRM, Web-Based Contact Manager

API 2.0: Business | Yelp for Developers

Asana - Log In

RT @Im_Tricia: “I like walking REALLY slow in front of cars!” - People I wish would die.

An Open Letter From Internet Engineers to the U.S. Congress | Electronic Frontier Foundation

RT @manspeaker: “Terrorist hate our freedoms.” So our government is doing away with them so the terrorist have nothing to hate. Well pla …

Google Engineering Tools

Quora is as addictive as the wikipedia random page.

RT @alaindebotton: Happiness is really just the 15 minutes after you’ve completed one challenge - and before you’ve identified a new one.

Using MongoDB for a Java Web App’s HttpSession